ACS Success Model

ACS Mfg provides industry with a one-stop quality alternative in spring steel fasteners and manufactures e-qual-fast brand formed spring steel fasteners. We produce fasteners at lower cost and with shorter lead times, giving you a competitive edge.

Our standard catalog items now total nearly 500 different U- and J-Nuts, 70 U-Clips, 40 Twin Nuts, and 55 Flat Nuts. We also manufacture “design your own” spring steel fasteners, and have tooled over 100 custom “made to print” parts. Production currently totals almost 1½ million fasteners a week. We offer same day shipping on many stock items.

At ACS, We Know Your Success Means Our Success and We Will Work With You To Achieve It!

Our staff will be happy to provide further information and answer any questions.

Please contact us toll free at 888.NUTS-R-US (888.688.7787), (local) 847.695.5250, (fax) 847.695.6336, or email us at sales@e-qual-fast.com.